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The Stars
I believe the answers to our racial ancestry lie somewhere amongst the stars. Our true history is locked away somewhere just waiting to be discovered, and the celestial bodies mimic our own. It’s fun to believe we are so much bigger than we think.
The Mountains
It helps me connect to myself, my religion, traditions and culture I am brought up in. The bigger picture is, the mountains are my home.
Playing Cards
It is an activity that is universal. It can be played anywhere, with anyone or alone. It’s material is adaptable in the way that it has lots of possibilities to use it in different ways
It's unique to our culture and it’s also pretty to look at, no one knows unless you’re Indonesian.
Food & Jewelry
They are both family traditions, passed down through generations and are really connected to my body.
It's something I've worn my entire life in many different stages. It's a graphic pattern that represents a flag of a small Scottish clan/tribe going back beyond the middle ages.
Pops keeps it playing around the house so whenever I hear it outside I can't help striking up a conversation with my people
Cross necklaces, scapulas, la virgens
I feel no connection to my ethnic heritage but my grandma is very catholic so these objects, the smell of church incense etc. reminds me of some of the only things my mom, myself and my nana all had in common growing up.
Star of david
its a symbol universally used for the jewish people, it encompasses the thousands of years of rich history and seemingly continuous struggle of obstacles in my ancestors journey to freedom. It was used as a tool of oppression in the form of a yellow star during the holocaust, but was also used on the flag of the first sovereign nation that my people have had in thousands of years. It is a symbol of the plight of my ancestors, a reminder that they in the face of adversity they never gave up, and proof that although we were almost erased in one of humanities cruelest moments, we are still here - standing.
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